What #facebookdown taught me!

As I made my 9th frantic attempt to log in to facebook, I realised that the quest was futile. The familiar azure tint of Facebook was not comforting me anytime soon.

But how could it be? It’s FACEBOOK for god sake! Most of my other websites are connected to it. I hardly need to remember any passwords now. But what now?

How will I stay in touch through nonchalant ‘likes’ and cordial but mechanical smiles? Or feel ‘connected’ to my college mates?

With an elephantine communicator out of the picture, I resorted to archaic means. I called my friend on his birthday. I walked out of my house to congratulated my neighbours on their new car. Yes, talked to them, yes, in person.

#facebookdown has definitely raised questions about my preferences regarding communication. This bizarre habit of staring at an all familiar azure tint has murdered my interpersonal skills. It’s time I revive communication beyond comment boxes.


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