Schools in Adyar come together to counter traffic congestion

Schools in Adyar come together to counter traffic congestion

Schools at Gandhi Nagar Fouth Main Road have come together to tackle the traffic congestion problem arising due to the large number of vehicles plying the locality. Roads in the posh locality are clogged at 3:10 PM and schools are coordinating with parent teacher associations, amongst themselves and city police to look into the matter.

The police set-up roadblock at the Fourth Main Road, Adyar
The police set-up roadblock at the Fourth Main Road, Adyar

Principal, St Michael’s Academy, Brother Johnson explained how the schools have coordinated their timings so as to reduce the traffic congestion. He mentioned that besides the synchronized timings of schools in the locality, there would be more steps to help counter the traffic jams. Expressing contentment with the efforts of traffic police, Brother Johnson also talked of engaging a private NGO to study the issue.

Academic Coordinator, Bala Vidya Mandir School, Vasathi S talked about the daily traffic program conducted at her institution. City traffic police personnel and the school authorities come together to guide the students about the basics of traffic and road safety rules during the daily traffic program sessions conducted by the school authorities.

While identifying the reasons for traffic congestion, Principal, St Patrick School, Brother Doctor A Stanislaus lambasted the Adyar club and residents for their callous approach. He mentioned that the traffic jams were a result of residents and attendees at the Adyar club parking their cars on the road despite have adequate parking spaces within their campuses. He also mentioned that traffic police were not directing traffic during some days of the week, which further magnifies the issue of traffic congestion.

The Fourth Main Road is made a one way route during peak traffic hours to tackle the congestion, but it is evident that this measure is not sufficient. Police personnel present at the venue refrained from commenting on the issue. A number of parents and students are also engaged in Road Safety Patrol (RSP) programmes but they too are unable to counter the traffic situation in the locality.


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