Changing face of new humanitarianism in Syria

Changing face of new humanitarianism in Syria

A concoction formulated by toting ‘New’ next to a very widely abused excuse would force one to ponder over the new world scenario. Recent world history has mushroomed with instances of dominant nations ensuring that they infringe onto the sovereignty of the lesser armed counterparts.

Before one jumps onto the agenda and devises opinions, it is imperative to keep in mind the social demography of Syria. Basser Assad, the Alawi Shia ‘President’ of a Sunni dominated Syria succeeded the guardianship of this oil rich agrarian economy from his father Hafez al-Assad.

Interestingly both in 2000 and in 2007, Assad had won the Presidential ‘elections’ unopposed. Though the voices of opposition to this ceremoniously democratic regime were on the high tide for long, the past decade has been marred with unparalleled bloodshed in the country.
A specific mention of the sectarian demography of the country is imperative to have a wider understanding of the Syrian Crisis. Muslim communities are segregated with a wide rift off religious belief across the word.

The prominent Arab nations, i.e. those comprising the Arab League of nations are predominantly Sunni nations and the only Islamic nations that sympathize with Shia’s are/were Iraq, Bahrain and Syria. Also noteworthy is the fact that states which comprise of oil cartels in the Middle East are Sunni sympathizers. Thereby exercising indirect control over oil dependent NATO nations.

For the Syrian populace, the crisis is deeper than for all other concerned. The country is thrown in unprecedented turmoil with a rogue and armed Free Syria Army (FSA) on one side and the oppressive dictatorial regime on the other end. After failure and subsequent withdrawal of the Kofi Annan six point peace plan, the world community has been looking for means to provide aid to the fraught populace of Syria. Alternative means of facilitating democracy in the nation are being perceived as an excuse to further arm the rebel groups. Mercenaries have been taking the icing on the cake as they are ensuring this opportunity to beef up their resistance towards the government machinery.
An outcome of the turmoil may have a two pronged approach.
1) Assad denies the claims of world community and goes on a rampage to supress the revolt leading to unprecedented bloodshed.
2) Assad submits to the world pressure and forfeits power to the nations and the FSA takes oil rich agrarian nation.
In both circumstances, bloodshed and massacres are inevitable in the state; the FSA has been nefarious for anti-Shia and anti-Assad loyalist activities. The FSA has been regularly indulging in massacres to ensure that the present government is wiped out for existence.
For Syria the crisis is multipronged; bombing of Sunni dominated towns and planned massacres of women and children forced the populace in to submission. For the world community, it is imperative to realise their responsibility and the need to inculcate ‘humanitarian’ values alongside aid is the only means out.


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