Religion prevailing beyond Rationality

Religion prevailing beyond Rationality

Nearing to 115 years post the First Zionist Conference, it seems that the world has acceded to religion over rationality. Before pondering over concoctions that question the very existence and sustenance of Palestine, it is imperative to mention that the land we today call Israel has no historical existence.

Offspring of the pervasive Ottoman Empire, both Israel and Palestine are results of intentional diplomatic disturbances caused to satiate desires of Western Powers for dominance in the Middle East.

A history lesson would be of no avail and it is necessary for the world to address the issue at hand. For the world community, territorial conflict between Israel and Palestine has magnified into a tussle for supremacy within the United Nations. While the Obama administration and its allied states are adamant to pump in myriad monetary and military supports for Israel; China, Russia and the Arab Nations are refusing to budge from their backing for a liberated Palestine.

For the ‘citizens’ of Palestine, the dilemmas are multifarious, they are subsisting under an elected and recognised extremist Hamas in Gaza while the remaining portions of their territory (prominently West Bank) are regulated by the Palestinian Liberation Front. Constant fear of Israel’s military intervention and further the double edged sword of diplomatic tussle have been shredding humanity in the region. These relatively youthful nations have been subject to much scrutiny and interpretation from the world powers.

The Two Nation theory as buttressed by world powers though seems plausible but would result in eventual displacement of masses. This theory does not take into consideration means of resolving the rift between two antagonistic factions within Palestine. It is worth considering that Hamas had come into power after contesting an ‘election’ thereby suggesting mass support for a terror establishment within the territory.

The brunt of McMahon–Hussein Correspondence has been borne by the Palestinian refugees who lost both homes and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict. Considering the statistics, the number of Palestinians who fled or were expelled from Israel following its creation was estimated at 711,000. Offspring of these refugees eligible for registration and services provided by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), as of 2010 number 4.7 million people. It is of paramount prominence to understand that lip service and projected aid on behalf of the United Nations are irrelevant for these masses.

While considering Three State theory which suggests that this region of the antediluvian Ottoman Empire be segregated into three administrative divisions is evidently incongruous. A predictable repercussion would be the eventual full circle where the two Arab States would be struggling with sustenance issues. It is noteworthy that Obama administration is the prime financer for these marginalised states, suggesting that they might never enjoy sovereignty which is of utmost importance.

For the commonalities of these disturbed lands, the desire to subsist in peace prevails. A single state where truly secular governance overcomes would be an astute resolution. The international community needs to evolve from the shackles of religious dogma and instil a wiser outlook within the masses.

Twesh Mishra analyses the situations prevailing in Palestine and Israel, the conflict ridden erstwhile Ottoman Empire regions and suggests a plausible outcome to the prevailing deadlock.
Written at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce Model United Nations 2012.


3 thoughts on “Religion prevailing beyond Rationality

  1. I’ve always been strictly opposed to the idea of a Zionist State based on the biblical prophecy of the ‘promised land’ because its a messianic and superstitious idea which is far away from the contours of realism. However, the Palestinian struggle for a separate identity has done anything apart from breeding a secessionist movement in the form of Jihadist terrorism which is also based on a kind of intolerant totalitarian theocracy. An undivided secular state is a distant dream but its the only astute solution as rightfully suggested by you. Good work !

  2. We believe that the grant of observer state to Palestine will be an important step. Moreover, it is surprising that even in the twenty first century, there are nations which have a religion as there essence of existence.

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