The Prerequisite for Sustenance

After centuries of anarchy followed by autocracy, democracy is the latest attempt to regulate the social structure of human beings. Over a million years of evolution, we have transformed by multitudes when considering the forms of government that have been attempted by the human civilisation. At an age where the demand for absolute freedom of expression is crowding the conscience, the absence of a democratic state is no less than a nightmare.

There is no need to define this relatively young phenomenon, every politician be it Republican, Democrat, Right Winger, Leftist, Communist or anything for that matter has quoted the sacred definition of democracy in their speeches and eloquent statements of promises. If being honest, democracy or rather ‘self-rule’ has grown as an imperative characteristic for any developing nation which is considered to uphold the sanctity of the United Nations and the will of its people.As the citizen of a nation which guarantees Fundamental Rights to Life, Expression, Equality and Social Justice, the need to imply my gratitude to the democratic system of governance seems obligatory. Yet I resolve not to praise the current form of this means of administration.

For me democracy means the ability to determine who controls my nation. Yes, the tone of my write up has trickled down to singular references on purpose. The reason for the paradigm shift is that democracy when being sold to us is done so in a similar cloak. We citizens on an interval of five years are sold the same medicine in a new bottle. Sometimes at the hands of stalwarts, sometimes under the pretext of a revolution, today democracy has transmuted into a farce for the Indian populace.

Irrespective of how uncomfortable my previous statement may have made the up holders of democratic establishments in our nation, I would abide by my stance. The ability to incorporate all sections of society is a necessity for a democratic institution; sadly our democracy has failed miserably in this process. Democracy subscribes to the ability to choose the one who would lead a constituency and further a nation to a plausible outcome. I do not call for servitude to be bestowed upon the one I vote for but I call for accountability on the one upon whom I entrust 5 years of my future to.

If analysing the Indian democratic establishment, the constitution facilitates for a majoritarian government. In an ideal scenario, the individual or party who commands the preference of the majority is most likely to come into power and then to return the favour to them by framing policies and laws to suit their needs. The real Indian democracy revolves around the concept of minority appeasement wherein the political establishments prefer to allure socially and economically weaker sections into supporting them and the sole purpose of their aptitude is to gain the magical number rather than to eliminate the actual discrepancies in the country. From the perspective of one who is neglected the privilege to choose the leader of the nation, Indian democracy has surely failed the masses.

For me, democracy mandates involvement of each and every citizen in the process of formulating the government which sadly is being blatantly overlooked in the Indian scenario. When considering the election procedure wherein a supposed 50 % turnout takes place, of the total votes polled, the candidate with 60 % (in an ideal scenario) is given the liberty to form the government of the state. Now mathematically if considering the total number of electorate to be 100, not more than 30 people have voted for the ruling government. The possibility of a party achieving 60 % of the total votes polled is a white elephant for the Indian elections. Therefore the remaining electorates are completely neglected of democratic proceedings.

A solution to the aforementioned discrepancies in the country can be listed under the following electoral reforms –

1) Mandatory voting for the electorates.

2) Pre-screening of candidates by election commission.

3) Right to reject if none of the candidates make the cut.

If the reforms are implemented without devilish intentions, they would be sufficed to purge the Indian elections of their inconsistencies.

Reverting to the inherent rights conferred within a democracy, the need to express is an essential freedom which needs to be upheld irrespective of all riders. Sadly the precedents set by courts and governments across the world have established their displeasure with the increasingly vocal aptitude of the masses.

If considering less dramatic terms, democracy is a definite decree for development in any establishment be it a home, political party or nation. The need to establish a proper democratic institution is a need of the hour. For me democracy is what leads and further ensures the sustenance of a nation.


5 thoughts on “The Prerequisite for Sustenance

  1. Compulsion and democracy don’t go hand in hand so the question of mandatory voting doesn’t arise. Secondly, India needs to incorporate certain features of a direct democracy in the ambit of its current parliamentary representative democracy. However, an outright acceptance of a model similar to the model of direct democracy would prove detrimental for India.

  2. quite a considerate outlook towards democracy..
    gr8 wrk..d solution indeed has a spark n cud work wonders…
    @Saif:: wid due respect,i second ur thght..immediate action wnt wrk..d democracy v r living amidst needs 2 be moulded taking one step at a tym..

  3. First of all, I would like to complement you on the panoramic pic of Lok Sabha, its looking beautiful . Secondly, the article is in a right flow, and apt for the current scenario. Hats off to GOA 80% polling means a definite change in the governance.

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