Rockstar (2011) – A rational Overview

Despite the swooning romantics and the sudden enlightenment of Jim Morrison among some, Rockstar failed to strike the chord among any particular section of movie goers.

Overlooking the rigorous head banging and blunt chords, it was hard to determine the genre of this highly publicized flick. The age old Indian phenomenon of love conquering all worldly deeds has dominated the story line.

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Initiating in the lively backdrop of Delhi University North Campus, the movie set out to an appreciable start, if overlooking the vague mad rush to the concert. The movie revolves around Janardan, a young energetic starry eyed youth who is awed by the glamor and glitz in the life of a rock musician.

While struggling for recognition and to establish himself as a musician cum singer, Janardan is instilled with the idea that creative excellence can only be achieved in times of irrepressible remorse.

Equipped with a new outlook to life, Janardan sets out to experience heartbreak. He and a majority of the audience experience heartbreak in the form of Heer Kaul played by Nargis Fakri. The rich soon to be married girl weaves the age old gimmick of a multifaceted human being who besides being a snobbish uptown brood is also a B-grade movie loving, country made liquor consuming free style junkie.

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Our protagonist Janardan is introduced as Jordan to her colleagues and hence the nomenclature that will be adhered to hence forth. The girl after frolicking across the night life of Delhi and the valleys of Kashmir is married and flown to Prague.

Janardan, now Jordan is left confused, partially heartbroken and rendered homeless due to a tussle with his brothers over family business, future prospects and his unaccounted trip to Kashmir further questioning his relationship with Heer.

Jordan after some desi rigorous life spent at eating off Nizamuddin Dargah absorbs sufi music, is given shelter by his think tank and ideating canteen caretaker. After some patronage from Ustad Jameel Khan, a renowned flutist, Jordan’s music hits the charts and his popularity strikes unprecedented heights.

The flaws of the movie yet were the incorrigible expressionless acting by Nargis Fakri and further the abstract yet predictable nature of her character. Sadly as the movie proceeds, these discrepancies multiply to the extent of over shadowing the storyline of a rising rock star.

Jordan’s music agency surprisingly has a contract with the Czech government to perform at Prague. Our fame blazed lead rushes to Prague to reclaim the ‘Love of his life’, who as expected his been reduced to psychiatrically ill rubble surrounded by equally expressionless colleagues.

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Jordan meets his loved one in a jiffy, surprisingly at the most appropriate moment with a two wheeler and miraculously cures our maiden in distress from her psychological ailments. If you are revaluating your decision to go for the movie already then hold your horses ladies and gentlemen, the worse is yet to come.

Our unofficial love birds visit the outskirts of Prague and the shoddiest of bars reviving happiness in the lady’s life. Jordan makes a move on the married woman; she responds then retaliates, further complicating the storyline for the viewers, let alone for our Pitampura boy Janardan.

The movie now escalates into a love story between a cheating wife who does not specify her stance and an overly confused ‘rockstar’ who keeps overlooking appointments and cancelling rock concerts. After fornication, Heer makes her memorable run of shame across Prague from her lovers’ apartment to her husband’s mansion.

On the eve of his departure to India, Jordan breaks into his lover’s mansion, the intense scene portrayed in the trailers is established. Jordan aka the brash house breaking snobbish musician is lambasted by the media for his insane activities.

Once Jordan is departed to India, Heer is abruptly diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, and now the story gets weirder. The cheater wife confesses all her misdeeds to her husband, he deports her back to New Delhi where Jordan is ruling the streets after spending some time in police custody.

And now medical science will be discarded, a near to death Heer is suddenly brought back to life with the platelet count multiplying as Jordan returned in the lady’s life.

A movie poised to be portraying the struggle of a middle class lad to the heights of fame transmuted into a deplorable potpourri of flayed storyline and stony expressions. The high point of the movie is the pregnancy of Heer who by the hopes of those rationally watching the movie eventually died.

Rockstar is a commendable attempt to depict the life and turmoil experienced by a musician but lost its’ path when attempted to involve the third wheel love in a potentially remarkable script.


15 thoughts on “Rockstar (2011) – A rational Overview

  1. once again your writing skills have bowled me over. gr8 job, lad !!
    as far as the movie is concerned, i liked it. unlike most indians i have a nose for experimental cinema.
    a film flawed by story works for me for its cinematography or flawed by casting for its direction.
    i have put strain my head to understand, i loved the exertion.
    appreciate your views but also continuously widen your horizons of thinking.
    all the best.

  2. wish i wud hav read this before goin for this movie….. totally sucked…… nargis….god….she was shitty….. the only thing she did in the movie was POUT….. btw a very apt review….. still don’t understand if there was a story line or not…. typical Bollywood masala
    “pretty girl+loser boy+ delhi university+ guitar+ awsummm locations+ pregnancy+ pathetic storyline= rockstar “

  3. Vry well written..
    Uve brought up everythng I had in mind..
    expectations frm d mvie turned in to disappointment..
    Weird nd impractical ..
    But still ranbirz acting was commendable.. 🙂

  4. Why do we start living the movie? Movies are there for entertainment. If it is with some social message then whats the harm? I believe message given was perfect and it lived up to the expectation on the entertainment front. Well as far as acting is considered both have done equivalently well. I liked the flick 🙂 Well the article is nice from a critic point of view. Keep writing 🙂

  5. Hmm..liked the piece. Very well observed, and nicely written.
    Although I still have to watch the movie to decide how it is. 🙂

  6. as always……superb writing….although i have not watched the movie yet…and after reading this am no going to watch it ever…still your post conveys an undeniable fact…that of an over-hyped movie…i think you should have mentioned something about the film’s music…as usual A.R. Rehman striked a chord there…fantastic music….also, ranbir kapoor has grown out of his chocolate-boy image….he has done fabulous work…all in all, the music, the publicity,and ranbir kapoor saved this film from hitting the ground(literally)……

    Enjoyed reading it….. 🙂

  7. kudos. .u have done a remarkable job. .
    and i totally agree.
    contextual irrelevance, high end madness and illogical twists in the script. the movie got derailed and people like me were much disheartened.
    u penned it up very well..

  8. im surprised to read so many are dissapointed by the movie. I think Ranbir’s acting and the superb camera angles told me an altogether different story where I could easily oversee some flaws..

  9. I really loved the movie….

    But, I appreciate this review in the same breath. I do understand it had flaws…and rightly pointed out here…

    I have one complaint/feedback though, why reveal the story in the review? Don’t we have the famous critiques for that? Carve a niche may be?

  10. Finally i completed this one and i agree with pratyush bhaiya that the writing style of yours is splendid. But having said this, i would like to add – i found this review written by a man who was premeditated that he will flay the movie ignoring its success. Once in the beginning, you have mentioned that its a typical Bollywood masal movie..why shouldnt it be? afterall it was a bollywood production. To the top of it, as we move on to the third and fourth para it becomes clear that you have only narrated the story as an anti-Imtiaz man. no where have you discussed the flaws like a true critic. A man with a pen sitting in a theatre would have written it the same way, provided he’s also a rational thinker – itching to find only negatives. Jordan – as you said – might be a loser but that works for an experimental cinema. flip the pages of record books and you will find that despair, dejection and frustration works for the cinema. Secondly, had it been a normal love story? Heroine and hero would have mingled or ran away. Imtiaz Ali Never tried to sell it like an art-flick. It was a commercial venture and there are certain limitations of a commercial cinema and this was the reason which made movie a success both in metros and small towns despite the fact that small towns have not been exposed to rock band concept yet. If you don’t believe me, try performing Sadda Haq in a remote town- no one would give it a damn. But still the charm and the dedication behind a sole motive makes movie stand out of the league of those movies to which you have compared Rockstar. Keep writing and Why don’t you analyse and observe Agneepath now. We watched it that day. Right ?? P.S My review is also an outcome of a premeditated mind

  11. ANd as i advised you that day also.. do read it thoroughly before posting.some editing mistakes here and expected his been reduced to psychiatrically ill rubble surrounded by equally expressionless colleagues…

    ….stony expressions…review this line and do watch rockstar and ranbir again and again before you change it..

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