Mahatma Gandhi – An Opinion

2 October 1869, a frail lad was born to the home of Karamchand Gandhi in the coastal town of Porbandar. The youngest of two brothers and one sister, none had the slightest notion that this lad would one day shape the future of modern India.

Mohandas Gandhi returned from South Africa to the Indian subcontinent in 1915, armed with a deep insight on the working of the British government in their colonies and with the experience of a successful Non-cooperation movement in South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi was the need of the poorly led Indian freedom movement.
Young Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse. The Indian struggle for independence was ceremoniously active since 1857, yet the idea of a unified India was nowhere in sight and freedom fighters were divided on lines of regionalism and ideology. Mahatma Gandhi pointed out these inconsistencies and for a major part of the 1920’s attempted to unite individuals under a single umbrella of unified India which sheltered from the atrocities of British India.

The credit for Indian independence cannot be laid into the hands of the modern day critics, nor can it be laid in the hands of extremists who were unable to cope with reality, the hanging of Bhagat Singh sent a clear message to extremists that their means of agitation would not yield what they desired.

It was the presence of mind and a long term approach that was evident in Mahatma Gandhi’s efforts that awakened the sense of nationalism in the common man. He may be criticized for withdrawing his movements at short notice, but each movement that followed had a grander mass appeal. His strategy of persistently disturbing British administration with the least loss of life is commended by all.

Right from the smallest denomination to the largest, the Indian currency bears the portrait of the greatest statesman ever to step foot in Indian soil. I used the word statesman as the independence of a nation rigged by geographical and cultural diversities cannot be attained by a simple propagandist, it would require an astute social and political scientist that would be equipped with enough intellect to realize the importance of the right moment and not just an army of gun powder wielding lunatics.


13 thoughts on “Mahatma Gandhi – An Opinion

  1. Loved this one. You know, I am a Gandhi believer. Have always been one. It is sad when people berate Gandhi. Those people who haven’t even met him, or properly read up about him. But it is always good to read such views once a while, which talk of the “statesman”, as you mentioned, and how he has contributed to our present. We have all become selfish fucktards, and we forget about those who did the thankless job of making sure that our future is secure. Good job, Twesh.

  2. It was an amazing article . What i liked most was the description of Gandhiji as the frontrunner of Independence. Though somehow the Godlike figure of him is not acceptable . Since he was an ordinary human with extraordinare leadership skills.He also has his set of flaws and that reminds me that he was the only person who led Bhagat Singh towards the noose. There were many hands who strived towards freedom. Works of leaders like Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose remains unacknowledged .

  3. your choice of words have always been good. The opinion was short-lived. Write at length sometime.. may be in parts but a comprehensive one. God bless, boy !!

  4. he knew how to gather masses and grab attention and so does ur post. the thing that i liked was- zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse… well written and great effort.!

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