Drugs, smoking and alcohol should never have been abolished

We are all aware of children that poke their fingers in places they have been told not to; society seems to be built on the very same principle which drives these young minds.

I am appalled by the notion that human beings need moral policing after approximately a million years of evolution. It is assumable that in this supposedly free society, we humans have evolved enough to understand what is good or bad for us.

Source - http://bookbuilder.cast.org/view_print.php?book=32143

One must understand that as a fully developed and forever refining organization of organisms, the need for constant guidance by a superior authority seems to totally underestimate the decision making ability of an individual.

Homo sapiens ought to be bestowed with some form of teaching when their highly developed brains are ready to absorb information. But post a stage of life when their progressive brains start rejecting new ideas and principles, they should be given some time to explore themselves.

It is intriguing that even after the strict ban on narcotics (and alcohol at some places) those individuals who wish to procure such substances do so without the slightest inconvenience.

Source - http://bookbuilder.cast.org/view_print.php?book=32143

A slight observation of the flourishing narcotics industry suggests that folks ranging from the common rickshaw puller to the multimillion business tycoons have themselves tried sedatives or have been in contact of individuals who have experienced these substances. Claims of dry day on particular days of the year are rubbished with stock piles of alcohol mushrooming across the city.

We must understand that human will knows no bounds and those adamant to indulge merriment by means of ‘banned substances’ do so irrespective of ‘restrictions’ by the government and concerned authorities.

The revocation of ban on narcotics would deal a decisive biggest blow to the mafia syndicates. Crime bosses across the world have adopted narcotics as a stable means of income.

The revocation of the ban would lead to abrupt deterioration in prices and a minor change in demand. Thereby causing the crime consortia to fall short of funds as the value of their most prized commodity would be reduced to a fraction. Absence of economic support would lead to the untimely death of these organizations.

Agreed that narcotics and alcohol have their side effects on the individuals who try them, but their abolishment has led to a parallel system which refuses to follow the norms set by our highly evolved system.


11 thoughts on “Drugs, smoking and alcohol should never have been abolished

  1. Well , I agree with you and believe that human minds should not be monitored. We all know what’s beneficial for us and what’s not. After a certain age we should be left to discover it ourselves. Policing till a certain age is recommended , because a kid aged 13 cannot decide for themselves. It was an beautiful article , enjoyed reading it.

  2. umm..well its short , to the point and yet manages to divulge all the information that the writer seems to want to convey…A minor drawback about the article would be its plus point and that is its size…maybe you could have written a bit more.. but then that hinges on a person’s personal view…all in all a great article and a great read…I’d recommend friends to read this..:)

  3. Intake of drugs and alcohol is no good for anybody’s health……. and there is enough publicity for the purpose, but still if somebody takes drugs, drinks or smokes, its his/her free will…….
    Very appropriate topic… I have been waiting for something like this…..

  4. These things have become part of everyone’s life. It’s very prevalent everywhere and if anyone tries to ban it at certain place, there is always another way out. For e.g. I went to Ahmedabad few months ago; it’s a dry state, but people had their means of getting things under the table. And your statement “We are all aware of children that poke their fingers in places they have been told not to; society seems to be built on the very same principle which drives these young minds.” stands true for everyone, not just children.

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