The Hyped Walk

What was poised to be a walk symbolizing the liberation of women and their opposition to the stereotypical mindset of society resulted into a symposium of amateur photographers, hushed perverts, journalists, police officers and volunteers.

Courtesy - Naveen Prajapati
The slut walk arthat besharmi morcha 2011 fizzled under excessive media publicity and police cover. An event expecting over 1000 attendees had hardly one tenth the anticipated turnover.
A majority of the participants were either of non-Indian ethnicity who were driven by the hype of successful slutwalks in other parts of the world or were menfolk on the lookout for a public display of skin.
Courtesy - Naveen Prajapati

Conversations of men attending the march were overheard and none seemed to be impressed by the motive of the walk. Media personnel were seen hounding the most provocative individuals hoping to capitalize on the most attractive visuals.

The slutwalk conceded after a brief march chanting slogans for gender equality and condemning oppression of women. The highlights of the event were a street play by Asmita theatre group and a performance by Delhi drum circle.
Amid all the fanfare and excess media pressure, the purpose of the walk was diminished to the extent of negligence. The hosts preferred to let the street play convey their message.
A majority of individuals eager to hit the ‘I’m Attending’ button on facebook events cited laziness or irrelevant explanations for not being present to stand up for their rights. The attitude of the very menfolk who this movement wished to suppress dominated the whole affair.
A parallel unheard of dharna which comprised of 81 individuals of the greater cooch behar people association sitting on hunger strike for the past 14 days too received unprecedented media attention. Journalists on the lookout for any saleable matter were surveying the possibility of comparing these two events and judging the feasibility of the preference laid to the slutwalk.

Courtesy - Naveen Prajapati
The slutwalk 2011 maybe a success for those associated with the causeor with the promotional ventures. But for the common populace of Delhi-NCR, not much has changed and the same perverts prowl the city streets.
Courtesy - Naveen Prajapati

The message of gender equality and anti-stereotype rational needs years before it trickles into the mindset of the masses.

Such events are generating awareness, but not among those who need them. As of now, Delhi does not need

slutwalks, but strict administrative measures to check crimes against women.

Oppression of women will not be prevented by scanty claddings but by vigilant administrative forces and by spreading the message that crimes against women will not be dealt with lightly.


3 thoughts on “The Hyped Walk

  1. Guys!
    They think, that you are teasing the whole man community with the label of “rapist”, you tease whole India and New Delhi, as place where rapists live… come up with extreme absurd statistics and surveys.. say in India, 75% fathers and 85% brothers rape their sisters, mothers and daughters.. and finally you want common men to join such movements.. ?
    Joining such movement means i agree to whatever information
    about rapes and surveys you have came up with.

    A very shameful event, where the people who want to help their
    own mothers,sisters and daughters are termed as “Rapists”

  2. Good observation, nothing unsusual about media hype because of the word Slutwalk. In 1990s we took out such marchs under the banner of MAJVA, Mahila Attyachar Virodhi Jan Andolan we rarely recieved media attention every march ended with speeches and giving a memorandum to the adminstration about women's unsafe stats. Men from progressive parties joined us in every march because it was a Jan Andolan. Another fact was more rural women came to support us where as middle class/bhadralok women who incessantly face sexual harassment on streets prefered staying home and saving the family honor that we “chhuttad auratein” were selling out on streets.

    Here it was just a march not a movement thus lacking sustainability stratergy and planning. Every generation has to fight the same battle with its own understanding and tools. We live we learn, this opprotunity could have been used to bring people together rather it went into alienating the fence sitters who may have jumped into support the cause.

    The problem arose from the inception of this Desi but imported walk when the organizers failed to state their politics, strategy and audience.

    Those stats are staggering and they are real. Most rapes are commited by people known to the victim and most rapes do take place at homes. That does not mean all fatehrs and brothers are rapists but it the friends of fathers and brothers, uncles, their friends and so on, that is what is meant by men in the families. Just because you had not heard of such protest in the past or participated in any such event you are shocked. Please grow up and smell the roses.

    Desi Girl

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